Drug Crimes

Why you can make no better choice than Murphy Volbrecht & Kuehn to represent you in your drug possession /delivery case.

At Murphy, Volbrecht & Kuehn, our criminal defense section has spent a great deal of time and effort in coming up with winning strategies to avoid felony drug convictions without the need for our clients to work for the police and become informants, also known as "snitches." Our time proven techniques have done wonders for many clients.

Controlled Substance violations are some of the most damaging that can be imposed against a person. Aside from the charge itself you likely face jail time, and potential loss of your driving privileges, the court costs and fines, as well as seizure of your house, car, or money. In addition if you are a student at any of the Universities, whether it is Gateway Technical College, or UW Whitewater, or UW Parkside, you need to know that a drug conviction can cost you the ability to get financial aid.  Many criminal defense attorneys will try to pressure their clients to work as a confidential informant, otherwise known as a snitch

Here are some prime reasons why you should trust Murphy, Volbrecht & Kuehn to handle your drug possession or deliver case instead of any other firm in the State of Wisconsin.

Why you should not ask your friends who you should have as your drug defense attorney?

Normally word of mouth is the best way to find a professional, here, it may not be. Most often, you are in trouble for drugs in Walworth County, because one of your friends may well have given your name to the police, so he or she could set you up. The system of drug prosecution in Wisconsin, generally works on once someone is caught, Police "flip" the person from criminal to their agent, and have the defendant become a confidential informant, or "snitch." The snitch's targets, will then be "flipped," and continue to spread out to their entire circle of friends. Do you really want to be asking the "snitch" who is the best lawyer? Chances are it will be an attorney, who is suggested to the snitch by the police, who the police know tend to encourage their client's to work with the police.

At Murphy, Volbrecht & Kuehn, we will never suggest you work with a drug unit, or be a snitch. Instead we have for more effective methods to assist you in resolving your issues, which have for many clients, eliminated the need for a felony, or misdemeanor conviction.

When you meet with a lawyer, ask them how often they work with the police? At Murphy, Volbrecht & Kuehn, we work for you, not the police!!

Many seasoned defense lawyers claim high acquittal rates, but you need to look at the cost of these acquittals. Many criminal defense lawyers will be all to glad take your money, and then turn you over to the drug unit to become a snitch. You do not need an attorney to work this deal. The Police generally offer it to you at the time of your arrest. In Walworth County, Wisconsin, where Murphy, Volbrecht & Kuehn practice law, the deal is always the same, to get rid of a felony drug charge, you need to "rat out" three different people, three different times. If you feel you need an attorney to work with the drug unit, I would suggest you negotiate with the lawyer who suggests working with the police a significantly lesser fee, because the lawyer is not doing you any favors. Also, plan on testifying in open court if you go this route and also plan on the entire world knowing who you are and what you did.

At Murphy, Volbrecht & Kuehn, we work for our clients, not with the police.

What happens when you work with the police?

As mentioned above, the people you turn in, will likely know who you are. How is that? Any Defendant has an absolute right to know who the confidential informant was, under the 6th Amendment of the United States Constitution. Generally, the people who are turned in are not too happy with the "snitch." Often law enforcement is not going to be able to give you protection once the "target's cases" are over. Unless you are going to give evidence regarding a major drug cartel and are working with the Drug Enforcement Agency, you will not be in witness protection and relocated.

At Murphy, Volbrecht & Kuehn, we will never ask you to put yourself in danger by working with law enforcement. What the drug units of various counties routinely fail to inform you of is that if you are an informant, you are a target to be a victim of new crimes. We have represented clients who were former snitches, and told of the ongoing harassment or danger they are in. We have heard stories of cars damaged, people being physically attacked, even one client's home was burned down. Our mission is to help you, not put you in danger.

When you meet with the lawyer, ask: What is the lawyers plan?

This is a perfectly appropriate question to ask any attorney. Most will say they will review the evidence and get back to you and discuss concepts of having the evidence suppressed (thrown out of court because the police violated the law). Yes, we all do that, it is a lawyer's job. What is important is to next ask, what happens if the lawyer can not do that? It is a question that you need to ask. Are they going to pressure you to work with the police? Are they going to send you to treatment? Present a defense to the crime? Present a defense to have a felony reduced?

At Murphy, Volbrecht & Kuehn, we have a proven track record of helping people through these kinds of cases, without putting a client at risk of being a victim of a new crime, and helping the client through this process. We work with you to get you in the position to receive the maximum benefit of our services. As for what we do, you need to schedule an appointment to find out.

What is the lawyers experience with these cases?

Wisconsin has a website called CCAP, you can look the attorney up by their bar number (available at wisbar.org - lawyer directory) and check to see their felony cases (i.e. 10CF 100). If they do not have many listed in CCAP, chances are they are either pitching a sales line, or force clients to become snitches. You should do this before you even set an appointment with the lawyer.

At Murphy, Volbrecht & Kuehn, we have extensive experience in criminal matters between Attorney Kuehn & Attorney Volbrecht. A large portion of those cases involve marijuana possession, marijuana delivery, cocaine, crack, heroin, psilocybin (mushrooms), LSD, or alcohol. When looking for premiere representation in your drug possession or delivery case, you need look no further then Murphy, Volbrecht & Kuehn.

Beware of Lawyer Guarantees or Promises to "Get You Off"

There is nothing wrong with being confident in your abilities or in how strong a case is; however, promises and guarantees are something to be very careful of. If there is a promise for a certain result, make sure it is in writing, but also realize that it is unethical for a criminal defense attorney to make such a retainer contract. The only promise or guarantee the attorney can make, both legally and ethically, is that he or she will work hard for you. Beyond that, you should walk away.

At Murphy, Volbrecht & Kuehn, we make one promise to every client that we represent; we will try our hardest and put forth our best efforts to bring you a result you will be happy with.

Look for ethical violations of the lawyer and any lawyer in the firm.

This seems silly, but you need to look into the lawyer's background and who the lawyer works with. While there are lawyer finding websites that provide for ethical review (i.e. www.AVVO.com). This website only provides general information. What you need to ask yourself is was the ethical violation over something ridiculous? An example would be advertising (claiming to be a criminal defense specialist- an ethical violation, but not enough to disbar an attorney). If the attorney's license was suspended for criminal violations, especially one affecting a client, you may wish to find someone else. While anyone can make a mistake, and people can learn from them, you need to feel comfortable with your attorney. You are going to be relying on this person to provide advice to you that will affect the rest of your life, it should be someone you like and trust.

At Murphy, Volbrecht & Kuehn, we hold ethics highly important, whether is dealing with Courts, opposing counsel, or our own clients, we earn the respect of those who we deal with. This often reflects well on our clients, and has helped them in many ways. While we strive for the highest ethical standards, we also work to maintain the respect of our clients. If you were to look us up, you would not find an ethical violation against us.

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